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Visa and Other Information


BYU will not process applications for admission to the ELC from international students entering the United States on a visitor's visa (B-2). This is university policy. A Form I-20 will be issued to the student after all admission requirements and procedures for entrance into the program have been completed. The applicant must present the I-20 at the nearest American Embassy or Consulate in order to request an F1 visa to enter the United States.


Social security numbers are only issued for employment purposes. They are not issued to allow students to apply for a US drivers license. We recommend that students who plan on driving and need a driver's license obtain an international driving permit in their country before entering the US.


Health insurance coverage is mandatory. Students can purchase BYU health and accident insurance for the period they are in residency at the ELC. Students who do not purchase BYU health and accident insurance will be required to sign a waiver agreement that proves they have other coverage.


Attendance is recorded daily in each class. In order to remain in the program, a student must maintain a minimum of 80% attendance in each class and not receive a learning experience grade below 84% in any class.


English use at the ELC can be captured in one sentence: We expect excellence; you should too.
The ELC is an English language school. As such, you are expected to speak English as much as possible in and out of class. Your teachers will insist that you speak English all the time you are in their classroom. We expect you will do the same outside of class. You are here to improve your English, the greatest language development will occur when students are using English.