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Housing Options

ELC Housing and Apartment Information

PLEASE NOTE: You may find that housing options in the area require individuals to be students, have age limits, or depend on marital status (single vs. families). Please pay careful attention when reviewing options available to you. It is a student’s responsibility to find and sign their own housing contract. ELC students are not eligible to live in BYU on-campus housing. However, there are many housing options available for ELC students in the Provo area.

Most off-campus housing units operate independently of BYU. A few websites that may offer student and community housing are listed below. Please note that these websites are only some of the options available to you in your search.

The Daily Universe provides a Housing Guide that covers basic information about housing and includes listings of multiple housing locations.

Students are encouraged to do thorough research before signing a contract. This could include reading reviews prior to, asking questions to your future landlord (see examples here), and reading and understanding all provisions in the contract (talk with the landlord if you have questions about the contract).

Please review instructions here prior to signing. Once a housing agreement is signed, the student is legally bound by the contract.

Any questions about specific community housing options should be directed to the property management companies or landlord listed on their websites.

General questions about off-campus housing may be emailed to the off-campus housing office